List of Works

Selected Works (in alphabetical order)


American Remix (2010) 5 min.

Burnin’ Rubber/ Visions of Vivaldi (1995) 4 min.

First Symphony (The Adirondacks) (2008) 25 min.

Freak Show (1995) youth strg. orch. 8 min.

Serenade (2001) (strg. orch. version) 10 min.

Sinfonietta (1986) 15 min.

Spirit of the Lake (2005) Concerto for Oboe (strg. orch. version) 12 min


Ensemble and instrumental

A Tide of Voices (1981) marimba 8 min.

Arcadian Fanfare (2006) 2 tpts., hn., tbn., tba. 5 min.

Aria and Frenzy (2009) vln, vlv., vcl., pno., 9 min.

At the Art Gallery Part II (Water Music) (2005) perc. (1 player), pno.

Bad Robots (2010) fl., vla., vcl. 10 min.

Bronx Bomber Boogie-Woogie  (1995) pno. 3 min.

Dances and Romances (1994) vln., vcl., pno. 13 min.

Dancing with a Phantom (1984) pno. 9 min.

Dream-Land (1992) (Text: Edgar Allan Poe) sop., pno 13 min.

Fifteen Fake Folk Songs (2003) fl., ob., cl., hn., bsn. 14 min.

Ghost Rhapsodies (1982) fl., cl., cb., marimba, perc. 14 min

Octet (1988) fl., cl., hn, 2 vlns., vla., vcl., cb.

Percussion Symphony (2000) perc. 4tet 12 min.

Rumble (1983) cb, tba., perc. (1 player) 11 min.

Stick It (1974) solo perc. 12 min.

Three Apparitions (2011) (chamber version) fl., ob., cl., bsn., hn, 2 vlns., vla, vcl., cb 10     min.

Three Seascapes (2011) pno. 10 min.

Triplicity (1996) fl., vla., cl. 12 min.

Veni Creator Spiritus Boogie-Woogie (2000) pno., 3 min.

Whale-Tronica (1999) sax 4tet and fixed media 10 min.


Vocal and Choral

At the Art Gallery Part I (2001) SSAA a cappella 10 min.

Ed Wood: The Sinister Urge (1999) SATB cantata, with fixed media 13 min.

Four Love Songs (1981) sop., pno. 15 min.

I Stand with You (2006) (text: Whitman) 3 min.

Jazz Fantasia (2003) SATB

Missa Brevis (1997) SATB, with fixed media 9 min.

Plankton (1996) children’s chorus 3 min.

Prayers of Steel (2003) SATB

Prelude and Five Dreams of Walt Whitman (2009) SATB cantata, piano

Re: Genesis (2001) SATB, pno. 12 min.

Tribute to the 25th Anniversary of the Gerald Ford Administration (1999) SATB


Dramatic Works

Attack of the 50 Foot Walt Whitman (2004) multimedia 60 min.
Based on “The Sleepers” from Leaves of Grass by Whitman.

Frankentata (2010) sop., tnr., bar., bs-bar. soloists , SATB chorus, pno. 60 min.

TRI-SCI-FI: a Chillogy (2003) 60 min.  (libretti by Albert Evans, Patti Wyss, & Dennis Deal)

Henry David Thoreau: One Step Beyond
Ed Wood: The Sinister Urge
Space: an Opera in Capsule Form
(All available as separate works)

Life on Earth (1996-97) Children’s ecology musical. 90 minutes

(Songwriter and lyricist)